A spontaneous reflection of those who, observing our actuality, glympse a distortion of reality between what reveals and what conceals: 


This identity dicotomy is often bridged by filling the void with superfluos elements to real needs. We fill up and, by dint of filling, it’s going to be consumed:

sold out.

Sold Out Warp

is a curious, critical and creative message reflection that conveys it’s message through the search for participation and the consequent freedom of expression, without boxes that limit its identity.


Sold Out, two words that too often represent exclusivity, desire, luxury and power. We believe Sold Out represent overinflated consumism, non.realistic demands and perhaps a demostration of social superficiality.

The message express an alternative vision of the goal reached by contemporary society where Sold Out in the arrival of a process that has been successful at the end of it’s cycle, what if it’s a Warp vision?

Sold Out is not cool, it's Warp!


Sold Out Warp

was born and developed from people who wants to share their vision with the primary purpose of building a real 


A team of different people united in their diversity by a shared idea: a horiziontal movement that spreads through the stree amongst people.